dog·gy || 'dɒgɪ n. puppy, young dog adj. of or pertaining to a dog; like a dog , doggish; fond of dogs; pretentious; showy; pompous, ostentatious

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • doggy — doggy1 /daw gee, dog ee/, n., pl. doggies. 1. a little dog or a puppy. 2. a pet term for any dog. Also, doggie. [1815 25; DOG + Y2] doggy2 /daw gee, dog ee/, adj., doggier, doggiest …   Universalium

  • doggy — adjective (doggier, doggiest) 1》 of or like a dog. 2》 fond of dogs. noun (also doggie) (plural doggies) a child s word for a dog. Derivatives dogginess noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • doggy — /ˈdɒgi/ (say dogee) adjective (doggier, doggiest) 1. of or relating to a dog. 2. fond of dogs: a doggy person. 3. of or relating to short, coarse, straight wool of nondescript type, frequently found on old sheep. –noun (plural doggies) 4. →… …   Australian English dictionary

  • doggy — n. pl. doggies [dôg′ē] n. 1. a little dog 2. any dog: a child s word: Also doggie n. doggies adj. doggier, doggiest 1. of or like a dog …   English World dictionary

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